UPDATE – Colorado Gold Diggers is spending the 2017 Summer in Alaska. For more information and if you would like to join us please look here.




Thank you for visiting our website! Just by your visit I can assume that you are a person that enjoys outdoor adventure and its splendor. I believe that a visit to the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains will allow you to connect to the magnificence of nature and most importantly allow you to engage in what you truly enjoy—prospecting for gold! Please allow me to take a minute to tell you about us and all the exciting things that we are doing.  After reading this you will see how you and your family will benefit greatly from being a part of the Colorado Gold Diggers and Big Nugget Adventures organization.

We are an organization of friends, families and fun loving people who delight in venturing around the state of Colorado in search of places to pan for gold. In addition, we also use metal detectors to hunt for gold, collectables, treasures, gems, minerals and precious stones. By joining our organization, we can show you how to prospect for gold and how to locate the best places to unearth it.

Everyone is welcome a single person, the whole family, an already-experienced gold prospector or a person who is just learning how to search for gold for the first time. We are a family friendly group that is inviting all grandparents, parents and their children to come and experience the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains and embark on the pleasurable expedition of finding gold. Our organization is always planning fun and exciting outdoor adventures such as picnics, pot lucks, family and camping trips and many more special outings.

Our belief is that “A family that pans together stays together” so we always like to see parents with their children, and grandparents with grandchildren enjoying the magnificent Rocky Mountain of Colorado, together.

“If you’re lucky enough to be in he Rocky Mountains of Colorado with your loved ones… you’re lucky enough.”-Big Nugget

There are many different types of gold prospecting equipment besides the basic yet fundamental gold pan. We will give you free lessons and demonstrations on how to pan for gold and how to use these different types of equipment. Our organization encompasses a shop where we design, build and repair any form of gold prospecting equipment. Our members can utilize this shop to their advantage, free of charge, in order to build or repair their gold gettin’ equipment.

Big Nugget Prospecting Supplies is the club’s sponsor. This is a store which offers a full line of gold prospecting equipment for members and non-members. In the Big Nugget Prospecting Equipment catalog you will find quality new and used gold prospecting equipment.  We also proudly build our very own “Big Nugget Brand” custom-made equipment. These custom built materials are designed for your benefit in order to help you obtain superior amounts of Colorado gold. In addition, we will also buy your unused or good quality used gold prospecting equipment or, if you prefer, you are also welcome to sell what you have at our monthly meetings.

If you are a vacationer looking for an adventure in the Colorado Rockies or an opportunity to search for gold, Big Nugget Adventures is just what you are looking for! Big Nugget Adventures gives vacationers tours to mountain streams around the state of Colorado. By following us on these journeys you will learn how to search and prospect for gold. The exciting part is you can keep whatever you find! We cater to vacationers as well as large or small groups by giving you gold prospecting tours that demonstrate all the A to Zs about prospecting in Colorado. Big Nugget Adventures also offers you great tours around the old mining ghost towns and mining camps of Colorado teaching you about the fascinating history behind mining in Colorado.

We are all about having a grand ol’ time in the beautiful Colorado Rockies by engaging in some recreational gold panning and prospecting. I just want to take a moment to invite you to come to one of our monthly meetings and check out what we have to offer. By becoming a member of the organization or joining us in our tours, you will meet fun, new people, explore the splendor of nature and most of all discover real Colorado gold.  So please, tell someone about this amazing opportunity!

For more information about Colorado Gold Diggers, Big Nugget Prospecting Supplies or Big Nugget Adventures please feel free to call  me, Douglas Lee (also known as “The Big Nugget”) at 719-371-1418.  Thanks for your time and we hope to see you at our special outings.